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Tue 14:00 Sound and Complete Verification of Polynomial Networks
Elias Abad Rocamora · Mehmet Fatih Sahin · Fanghui Liu · Grigorios Chrysos · Volkan Cevher
Tue 9:00 A Closer Look at Weakly-Supervised Audio-Visual Source Localization
Shentong Mo · Pedro Morgado
Wed 14:00 New Definitions and Evaluations for Saliency Methods: Staying Intrinsic, Complete and Sound
Arushi Gupta · Nikunj Saunshi · Dingli Yu · Kaifeng Lyu · Sanjeev Arora
Towards Effective Multi-Modal Interchanges in Zero-Resource Sounding Object Localization
Yang Zhao · Chen Zhang · Haifeng Huang · Haoyuan Li · Zhou Zhao
Wed 9:00 Sound and Complete Causal Identification with Latent Variables Given Local Background Knowledge
Tian-Zuo Wang · Tian Qin · Zhi-Hua Zhou
Affinity Workshop
Improving Induced Valence Recognition by Integrating Acoustic Sound Semantics in Movies
Shreya Upadhyay · Bo-Hao Su · Chi-Chun Lee