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Thu 9:00 Reduction Algorithms for Persistence Diagrams of Networks: CoralTDA and PrunIT
Cuneyt G Akcora · Murat Kantarcioglu · Yulia Gel · Baris Coskunuzer
Thu 9:00 Time-Conditioned Dances with Simplicial Complexes: Zigzag Filtration Curve based Supra-Hodge Convolution Networks for Time-series Forecasting
Yuzhou Chen · Yulia Gel · H. Vincent Poor
Wed 14:00 On the Effectiveness of Persistent Homology
Renata Turkes · Guido Montufar · Nina Otter
Learning Topological Representation of Sensor Network with Persistent Homology in HCI Systems
Yan Yan · Cheng-Dong Li · Jing Xiong · Lei Wang
Tue 14:00 Neural Approximation of Graph Topological Features
Zuoyu Yan · Tengfei Ma · Liangcai Gao · Zhi Tang · Yusu Wang · Chao Chen
Wed 14:00 ToDD: Topological Compound Fingerprinting in Computer-Aided Drug Discovery
AndaƧ Demir · Baris Coskunuzer · Yulia Gel · Ignacio Segovia-Dominguez · Yuzhou Chen · Bulent Kiziltan
Modeling Hierarchical Topological Structure in Scientific Images with Graph Neural Networks
Samuel Leventhal · Attila Gyulassy · Valerio Pascucci · Mark Heimann