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Accelerating Federated Learning Through Attention on Local Model Updates
Parsa Assadi · Byung Hoon Ahn · Hadi Esmaeilzadeh
Learning to Prioritize Planning Updates in Model-based Reinforcement Learning
Brad Burega · John Martin · Michael Bowling
Tue 9:00 To update or not to update? Neurons at equilibrium in deep models
Andrea Bragagnolo · Enzo Tartaglione · Marco Grangetto
BMU-MoCo: Bidirectional Momentum Update for Continual Video-Language Modeling
Yizhao Gao · Nanyi Fei · Haoyu Lu · Zhiwu Lu · Hao Jiang · Yijie Li · Zhao Cao
Measuring and Reducing Model Update Regression in Structured Prediction for NLP
Deng Cai · Elman Mansimov · Yi-An Lai · Yixuan Su · Lei Shu · Yi Zhang
When to Update Your Model: Constrained Model-based Reinforcement Learning
Tianying Ji · Yu Luo · Fuchun Sun · Mingxuan Jing · Fengxiang He · Wenbing Huang
Thu 9:00 HAPI: A Large-scale Longitudinal Dataset of Commercial ML API Predictions
Lingjiao Chen · Zhihua Jin · Evan Sabri Eyuboglu · Christopher RĂ© · Matei Zaharia · James Zou