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Affinity Workshop
Privacy-Preserving Online Mirror Descent With Single-Sided Trust for Federated Learning
Olusola Odeyomi · Gergely Zaruba
Wed 14:00 Implicit Bias of Gradient Descent on Reparametrized Models: On Equivalence to Mirror Descent
Zhiyuan Li · Tianhao Wang · Jason Lee · Sanjeev Arora
Wed 9:00 On-Demand Sampling: Learning Optimally from Multiple Distributions
Nika Haghtalab · Michael Jordan · Eric Zhao
Tue 9:00 Mirror Descent Maximizes Generalized Margin and Can Be Implemented Efficiently
Haoyuan Sun · Kwangjun Ahn · Christos Thrampoulidis · Navid Azizan
Tue 9:00 Mirror Descent with Relative Smoothness in Measure Spaces, with application to Sinkhorn and EM
Pierre-Cyril Aubin-Frankowski · Anna Korba · Flavien L├ęger
Thu 14:00 Efficient Phi-Regret Minimization in Extensive-Form Games via Online Mirror Descent
Yu Bai · Chi Jin · Song Mei · Ziang Song · Tiancheng Yu
Thu 14:00 Alternating Mirror Descent for Constrained Min-Max Games
Andre Wibisono · Molei Tao · Georgios Piliouras
Wed 14:00 Robust Imitation via Mirror Descent Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Dong-Sig Han · Hyunseo Kim · Hyundo Lee · JeHwan Ryu · Byoung-Tak Zhang
Wed 9:00 Optimistic Mirror Descent Either Converges to Nash or to Strong Coarse Correlated Equilibria in Bimatrix Games
Ioannis Anagnostides · Gabriele Farina · Ioannis Panageas · Tuomas Sandholm