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Thu 14:00 Characterization of Excess Risk for Locally Strongly Convex Population Risk
Mingyang Yi · Ruoyu Wang · Zhi-Ming Ma
Understanding Federated Learning through Loss Landscape Visualizations: A Pilot Study
Ziwei Li · Hong-You Chen · Han Wei Shen · Wei-Lun Chao
Thu 14:00 Diffusion Curvature for Estimating Local Curvature in High Dimensional Data
Dhananjay Bhaskar · Kincaid MacDonald · Oluwadamilola Fasina · Dawson Thomas · Bastian Rieck · Ian Adelstein · Smita Krishnaswamy
Connectedness of loss landscapes via the lens of Morse theory
Danil Akhtiamov · Matt Thomson
Thu 9:00 Lottery Tickets on a Data Diet: Finding Initializations with Sparse Trainable Networks
Mansheej Paul · Brett Larsen · Surya Ganguli · Jonathan Frankle · Gintare Karolina Dziugaite
What shapes the loss landscape of self-supervised learning?
Liu Ziyin · Ekdeep S Lubana · Masahito Ueda · Hidenori Tanaka
Tue 9:00 Understanding Deep Contrastive Learning via Coordinate-wise Optimization
Yuandong Tian
Tue 14:00 Posterior Collapse of a Linear Latent Variable Model
Zihao Wang · Liu Ziyin