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Thu 9:00 Learning to Follow Instructions in Text-Based Games
Mathieu Tuli · Andrew Li · Pashootan Vaezipoor · Toryn Klassen · Scott Sanner · Sheila McIlraith
Tue 9:00 Policy Optimization with Linear Temporal Logic Constraints
Cameron Voloshin · Hoang Le · Swarat Chaudhuri · Yisong Yue
Tue 9:00 Don't Pour Cereal into Coffee: Differentiable Temporal Logic for Temporal Action Segmentation
Ziwei Xu · Yogesh Rawat · Yongkang Wong · Mohan Kankanhalli · Mubarak Shah
Skill Machines: Temporal Logic Composition in Reinforcement Learning
Geraud Nangue Tasse · Devon Jarvis · Steven James · Benjamin Rosman
On the role of overparameterization in off-policy Temporal Difference learning with linear function approximation
Valentin Thomas
Temporal Logic Imitation: Learning Plan-Satisficing Motion Policies from Demonstrations
Felix Yanwei Wang · Nadia Figueroa · Shen Li · Ankit Shah · Julie A Shah