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Tue 14:00 A Projection-free Algorithm for Constrained Stochastic Multi-level Composition Optimization
Tesi Xiao · Krishnakumar Balasubramanian · Saeed Ghadimi
Wed 14:00 Clipped Stochastic Methods for Variational Inequalities with Heavy-Tailed Noise
Eduard Gorbunov · Marina Danilova · David Dobre · Pavel Dvurechenskii · Alexander Gasnikov · Gauthier Gidel
Stochastic Adaptive Regularization Method with Cubics: A High Probability Complexity Bound
Katya Scheinberg · Miaolan Xie
Tue 14:00 Parameter-free Regret in High Probability with Heavy Tails
Jiujia Zhang · Ashok Cutkosky
Thu 9:00 Archimedes Meets Privacy: On Privately Estimating Quantiles in High Dimensions Under Minimal Assumptions
Omri Ben-Eliezer · Dan Mikulincer · Ilias Zadik
Tue 14:00 Trajectory of Mini-Batch Momentum: Batch Size Saturation and Convergence in High Dimensions
Kiwon Lee · Andrew Cheng · Elliot Paquette · Courtney Paquette
Wed 14:00 Precise Regret Bounds for Log-loss via a Truncated Bayesian Algorithm
Changlong Wu · Mohsen Heidari · Ananth Grama · Wojciech Szpankowski
Thu 14:00 Integral Probability Metrics PAC-Bayes Bounds
Ron Amit · Baruch Epstein · Shay Moran · Ron Meir
Thu 9:00 Nearly-Tight Bounds for Testing Histogram Distributions
ClĂ©ment L Canonne · Ilias Diakonikolas · Daniel Kane · Sihan Liu