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Tue 9:00 Taming Fat-Tailed (“Heavier-Tailed” with Potentially Infinite Variance) Noise in Federated Learning
Haibo Yang · Peiwen Qiu · Jia Liu
Thu 9:00 A Simple and Optimal Policy Design for Online Learning with Safety against Heavy-tailed Risk
David Simchi-Levi · Zeyu Zheng · Feng Zhu
Wed 9:00 Chaotic Regularization and Heavy-Tailed Limits for Deterministic Gradient Descent
Soon Hoe Lim · Yijun Wan · Umut Simsekli
Tue 9:00 Outlier-Robust Sparse Mean Estimation for Heavy-Tailed Distributions
Ilias Diakonikolas · Daniel Kane · Jasper Lee · Ankit Pensia
Wed 14:00 Clipped Stochastic Methods for Variational Inequalities with Heavy-Tailed Noise
Eduard Gorbunov · Marina Danilova · David Dobre · Pavel Dvurechenskii · Alexander Gasnikov · Gauthier Gidel
Wed 9:00 Left Heavy Tails and the Effectiveness of the Policy and Value Networks in DNN-based best-first search for Sokoban Planning
Dieqiao Feng · Carla Gomes · Bart Selman
Tue 14:00 Parameter-free Regret in High Probability with Heavy Tails
Jiujia Zhang · Ashok Cutkosky
Wed 9:00 Learning Bipartite Graphs: Heavy Tails and Multiple Components
José Vinícius de Miranda Cardoso · Jiaxi Ying · Daniel Palomar
Tue 14:00 Frank-Wolfe-based Algorithms for Approximating Tyler's M-estimator
Lior Danon · Dan Garber