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Wed 9:00 Characteristics of Harmful Text: Towards Rigorous Benchmarking of Language Models
Maribeth Rauh · John Mellor · Jonathan Uesato · Po-Sen Huang · Johannes Welbl · Laura Weidinger · Sumanth Dathathri · Amelia Glaese · Geoffrey Irving · Iason Gabriel · William Isaac · Lisa Anne Hendricks
Wed 9:00 Picking on the Same Person: Does Algorithmic Monoculture lead to Outcome Homogenization?
Rishi Bommasani · Kathleen A. Creel · Ananya Kumar · Dan Jurafsky · Percy Liang
Wed 14:00 Counterfactual harm
Jonathan Richens · Rory Beard · Daniel H. Thompson
Tue 14:00 When to Make Exceptions: Exploring Language Models as Accounts of Human Moral Judgment
Zhijing Jin · Sydney Levine · Fernando Gonzalez Adauto · Ojasv Kamal · Maarten Sap · Mrinmaya Sachan · Rada Mihalcea · Josh Tenenbaum · Bernhard Schölkopf
Expo Talk Panel
Mon 8:30 Challenges & Opportunities for Ethical AI in Practice
Alice Xiang
Tue 14:00 Exploring the Limits of Domain-Adaptive Training for Detoxifying Large-Scale Language Models
Boxin Wang · Wei Ping · Chaowei Xiao · Peng Xu · Mostofa Patwary · Mohammad Shoeybi · Bo Li · Anima Anandkumar · Bryan Catanzaro
Tue 16:00 Ethics Review - Open Discussion
Deborah Raji · William Isaac · Cherie Poland · Alexandra Luccioni
Affinity Workshop
Gender Bias Evaluation in Luganda-English Machine Translation
Eric Peter Wairagala
Fri 7:35 Security in production machine learning systems
Alejandro Saucedo
Fri 10:15 Panel on Privacy and Security in Machine Learning Systems
Graham Cormode · Borja Balle · Yu-Xiang Wang · Alejandro Saucedo · Neil Lawrence
Affinity Workshop
Que(e)rying the Use of Artificial Intelligence for Infectious Disease Surveillance: How to Ensure New Tools Do Not Perpetuate a Long History of Health Disparities Affecting LGBTQI+ Populations
Elise Racine
System Safety Engineering for Social and Ethical ML Risks: A Case Study
Edgar Jatho · Logan Mailloux · Shalaleh Rismani · Eugene Williams · Joshua Kroll