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Wed 14:00 Efficient coding, channel capacity, and the emergence of retinal mosaics
Na Young Jun · Greg Field · John Pearson
Thu 9:00 Emergence of Hierarchical Layers in a Single Sheet of Self-Organizing Spiking Neurons
Paul Bertens · Seong-Whan Lee
Thu 14:00 VER: Scaling On-Policy RL Leads to the Emergence of Navigation in Embodied Rearrangement
Erik Wijmans · Irfan Essa · Dhruv Batra
Tue 14:00 Trading off Utility, Informativeness, and Complexity in Emergent Communication
Mycal Tucker · Roger Levy · Julie Shah · Noga Zaslavsky
Thu 9:00 Relational Proxies: Emergent Relationships as Fine-Grained Discriminators
ABHRA CHAUDHURI · Massimiliano Mancini · Zeynep Akata · Anjan Dutta
Wed 14:00 Data Distributional Properties Drive Emergent In-Context Learning in Transformers
Stephanie Chan · Adam Santoro · Andrew Lampinen · Jane Wang · Aaditya Singh · Pierre Richemond · James McClelland · Felix Hill
Thu 9:00 Emergent Communication: Generalization and Overfitting in Lewis Games
Mathieu Rita · Corentin Tallec · Paul Michel · Jean-Bastien Grill · Olivier Pietquin · Emmanuel Dupoux · Florian Strub
Thu 9:00 Emergent Graphical Conventions in a Visual Communication Game
Shuwen Qiu · Sirui Xie · Lifeng Fan · Tao Gao · Jungseock Joo · Song-Chun Zhu · Yixin Zhu
Thu 14:00 Compositional Generalization in Unsupervised Compositional Representation Learning: A Study on Disentanglement and Emergent Language
Zhenlin Xu · Marc Niethammer · Colin Raffel
Thu 9:00 Hidden Progress in Deep Learning: SGD Learns Parities Near the Computational Limit
Boaz Barak · Benjamin Edelman · Surbhi Goel · Sham Kakade · Eran Malach · Cyril Zhang
Fri 13:00 A Temporal Fusion Transformer for Long-term Explainable Prediction of Emergency Department Overcrowding
Thu 9:00 TempEL: Linking Dynamically Evolving and Newly Emerging Entities
Klim Zaporojets · Lucie-Aimée Kaffee · Johannes Deleu · Thomas Demeester · Chris Develder · Isabelle Augenstein