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Learning a Domain-Agnostic Policy through Adversarial Representation Matching for Cross-Domain Policy Transfer
Hayato Watahiki · Ryo Iwase · Ryosuke Unno · Yoshimasa Tsuruoka
Affinity Workshop
A Domain-Oblivious Approach for Learning Concise Representations of Filtered Topological Spaces for Clustering
Yu Qin · Brittany Terese Fasy · Carola Wenk · Brian Summa
Thu 4:50 Transfer Learning Award: Team SI Analytics - Domain Generalization Strategy to Train Classifiers Robust to Spatial-Temporal Shift
Yeji Choi
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation using Depth Distribution
Quanliang Wu · Huajun Liu
Affinity Workshop
Domain-Specific Lexicon-Based Sentiment Analysis using Contextual Shifter Patterns
Shamsuddeen H Muhammad
Synthesis of Realistic Load Data: Adversarial Networks for Learning and Generating Residential Load Patterns
Xinyu Liang · Hao Wang
Deep Reinforcement Learning Policies in the Frequency Domain
Ezgi Korkmaz
Tue 14:00 Adversarial Style Augmentation for Domain Generalized Urban-Scene Segmentation
Zhun Zhong · Yuyang Zhao · Gim Hee Lee · Nicu Sebe
Tue 14:00 DABS 2.0: Improved Datasets and Algorithms for Universal Self-Supervision
Alex Tamkin · Gaurab Banerjee · Mohamed Owda · Vincent Liu · Shashank Rammoorthy · Noah Goodman
Wed 9:00 Beyond Separability: Analyzing the Linear Transferability of Contrastive Representations to Related Subpopulations
Jeff Z. HaoChen · Colin Wei · Ananya Kumar · Tengyu Ma
Wed 14:00 Unknown-Aware Domain Adversarial Learning for Open-Set Domain Adaptation
JoonHo Jang · Byeonghu Na · Dong Hyeok Shin · Mingi Ji · Kyungwoo Song · Il-chul Moon
Thu 9:00 Domain Adaptation under Open Set Label Shift
Saurabh Garg · Sivaraman Balakrishnan · Zachary Lipton