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Out-of-Distribution Generalization in Algorithmic Reasoning Through Curriculum Learning
Andrew Nam · Mustafa Abdool · Trevor Maxfield · James McClelland
Dual-Curriculum Contrastive Multi-Instance Learning for Cancer Prognosis Analysis with Whole Slide Images
CHAO TU · YU ZHANG · Zhenyuan Ning
Understanding Curriculum Learning in Policy Optimization for Online Combinatorial Optimization
Runlong Zhou · Yuandong Tian · YI WU · Simon Du
Automated Dynamics Curriculums for Deep Reinforcement Learning
Sean Metzger
Thu 9:00 An Analytical Theory of Curriculum Learning in Teacher-Student Networks
Luca Saglietti · Stefano Mannelli · Andrew Saxe
CLUTR: Curriculum Learning via Unsupervised Task Representation Learning
Abdus Salam Azad · Izzeddin Gur · Aleksandra Faust · Pieter Abbeel · Ion Stoica
Wed 14:00 Efficient Scheduling of Data Augmentation for Deep Reinforcement Learning
Byungchan Ko · Jungseul Ok
Curriculum Based Reinforcement Learning to Avert Cascading Failures in the Electric Grid
Amarsagar Reddy Ramapuram Matavalam · Kishan Prudhvi Guddanti · Yang Weng
Li-ion Battery Material phase prediction through Hierarchical Curriculum Learning
Anika Tabassum · Nikhil Muralidhar · Ramakrishnan Kannan · Srikanth Allu
Wed 9:00 Curriculum Reinforcement Learning using Optimal Transport via Gradual Domain Adaptation
Peide Huang · Mengdi Xu · Jiacheng Zhu · Laixi Shi · Fei Fang · DING ZHAO
Tue 9:00 How Well Do Unsupervised Learning Algorithms Model Human Real-time and Life-long Learning?
Chengxu Zhuang · Ziyu Xiang · Yoon Bai · Xiaoxuan Jia · Nicholas Turk-Browne · Kenneth Norman · James J DiCarlo · Dan Yamins
Affinity Workshop
Curriculum learning for improved femur fracture classification: scheduling data with prior knowledge and uncertainty
Amelia Jiménez-Sánchez · Diana Mateus · Sonja Kirchhoff · Chlodwig Kirchhoff · Peter Biberthaler · Nassir Navab · Miguel A. González Ballester · Gemma Piella