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Fri 6:55 Embodied Socio-cognitive Reframing of Computational Co-Creativity. Manoj Deshpande, Brian Magerko
Thu 14:00 Learning on Arbitrary Graph Topologies via Predictive Coding
Tommaso Salvatori · Luca Pinchetti · Beren Millidge · Yuhang Song · Tianyi Bao · Rafal Bogacz · Thomas Lukasiewicz
Thu 9:00 Modeling Human Exploration Through Resource-Rational Reinforcement Learning
Marcel Binz · Eric Schulz
Thu 14:00 Oscillatory Tracking of Continuous Attractor Neural Networks Account for Phase Precession and Procession of Hippocampal Place Cells
Tianhao Chu · Zilong Ji · Junfeng Zuo · Wenhao Zhang · Tiejun Huang · Yuanyuan Mi · Si Wu
Adaptation Accelerating Sampling-based Bayesian Inference in Attractor Neural Networks
Xingsi Dong · Zilong Ji · Tianhao Chu · Tiejun Huang · Wenhao Zhang · Si Wu
Tue 14:00 Diversity vs. Recognizability: Human-like generalization in one-shot generative models
Victor Boutin · Lakshya Singhal · Xavier Thomas · Thomas Serre
Thu 14:00 Eliciting Thinking Hierarchy without a Prior
Yuqing Kong · Yunqi Li · Yubo Zhang · Zhihuan Huang · Jinzhao Wu
Exploring Figure-Ground Assignment Mechanism in Perceptual Organization
Wei Zhai · Yang Cao · Jing Zhang · Zheng-Jun Zha
Thu 9:00 Multitasking Models are Robust to Structural Failure: A Neural Model for Bilingual Cognitive Reserve
Giannis Daras · Negin Raoof · Zoi Gkalitsiou · Alex Dimakis
Tue 14:00 When to Make Exceptions: Exploring Language Models as Accounts of Human Moral Judgment
Zhijing Jin · Sydney Levine · Fernando Gonzalez Adauto · Ojasv Kamal · Maarten Sap · Mrinmaya Sachan · Rada Mihalcea · Josh Tenenbaum · Bernhard Schölkopf
Tue 14:00 Harmonizing the object recognition strategies of deep neural networks with humans
Thomas FEL · Ivan F Rodriguez Rodriguez · Drew Linsley · Thomas Serre
Wed 9:00 Capturing Failures of Large Language Models via Human Cognitive Biases
Erik Jones · Jacob Steinhardt