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Tue 9:00 Predicting Cellular Responses to Novel Drug Perturbations at a Single-Cell Resolution
Leon Hetzel · Simon Boehm · Niki Kilbertus · Stephan Günnemann · mohammad lotfollahi · Fabian Theis
A single-cell gene expression language model
William Connell · Umair Khan · Michael Keiser
Energy-based Modelling for Single-cell Data Annotation
Tianyi Liu · Philip Fradkin · Lazar Atanackovic · Leo J Lee
Wed 14:00 Cross-Linked Unified Embedding for cross-modality representation learning
Xinming Tu · Zhi-Jie Cao · xia chenrui · Sara Mostafavi · Ge Gao
Continuous cell-state density inference and applications for single-cell data
Dominik Otto · Manu Setty · Brennan Dury
Thu 14:00 Supervised Training of Conditional Monge Maps
Charlotte Bunne · Andreas Krause · Marco Cuturi
Benchmarking Graph Neural Network-based Imputation Methods on Single-Cell Transcriptomics Data
Han-Bo Li · Ramon Viñas Torné · Pietro Lió
Using co-localization priors and microenvironment statistics to reconstruct tissue organization from single-cell data
Yitzchak Vaknin · Noa Moriel · Mor Nitzan
CP2Image: generating high-quality single-cell images using CellProfiler representations
Yanni Ji · Marie Cutiongco · Bjørn S Jensen · Ke Yuan
SCOOTR: Single-Cell Multimodal Data Integration with Contrastive Learning and Optimal Transport
Federico Gossi · Pushpak Pati · Adriano Martinelli · Maria Anna Rapsomaniki
Simultaneous alignment of cells and features of unpaired single-cell multi-omics datasets with co-optimal transport
Pinar Demetci · Quang Huy TRAN · Ievgen Redko · Ritambhara Singh
Wed 5:00 Multimodal Single-Cell Integration Across Time and Individuals
Daniel Burkhardt · Smita Krishnaswamy · Robrecht Cannoodt · Malte Luecken · Jonathan Bloom · Fabian Theis · Christopher Lance · Angela Pisco