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Tue 14:00 Self-Supervised Learning Through Efference Copies
Franz Scherr · Qinghai Guo · Timoleon Moraitis
Wed 9:00 Self-supervised surround-view depth estimation with volumetric feature fusion
Jung-Hee Kim · Junhwa Hur · Tien Phuoc Nguyen · Seong-Gyun Jeong
Thu 14:00 Assistive Teaching of Motor Control Tasks to Humans
Megha Srivastava · Erdem Biyik · Suvir Mirchandani · Noah Goodman · Dorsa Sadigh
Wed 9:00 DMAP: a Distributed Morphological Attention Policy for learning to locomote with a changing body
Alberto Silvio Chiappa · Alessandro Marin Vargas · Alexander Mathis
Learning Invariance Manifolds of Visual Sensory Neurons
Luca Baroni · Mohammad Bashiri · Konstantin Willeke · Ján Antolík · Fabian Sinz
Toward Effective Deep Reinforcement Learning for 3D Robotic Manipulation: End-to-End Learning from Multimodal Raw Sensory Data
Samyeul Noh · Hyun Myung