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Thu 9:00 Annihilation of Spurious Minima in Two-Layer ReLU Networks
Yossi Arjevani · Michael Field
Thu 14:00 On Margin Maximization in Linear and ReLU Networks
Gal Vardi · Ohad Shamir · Nati Srebro
Wed 14:00 Learning Distributions Generated by Single-Layer ReLU Networks in the Presence of Arbitrary Outliers
Saikiran Bulusu · Geethu Joseph · M. Cenk Gursoy · Pramod Varshney
Thu 9:00 A Combinatorial Perspective on the Optimization of Shallow ReLU Networks
Michael S Matena · Colin Raffel
Wed 9:00 Local Identifiability of Deep ReLU Neural Networks: the Theory
Joachim Bona-Pellissier · Fran├žois Malgouyres · Francois Bachoc
Tue 14:00 On the Effective Number of Linear Regions in Shallow Univariate ReLU Networks: Convergence Guarantees and Implicit Bias
Itay Safran · Gal Vardi · Jason Lee
Tue 9:00 Gradient flow dynamics of shallow ReLU networks for square loss and orthogonal inputs
Etienne Boursier · Loucas PILLAUD-VIVIEN · Nicolas Flammarion