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Tue 9:00 A permutation-free kernel two-sample test
Shubhanshu Shekhar · Ilmun Kim · Aaditya Ramdas
Tue 17:30 Panel 2C-3: A permutation-free kernel… & Maximum Class Separation…
Tejaswi Kasarla · Shubhanshu Shekhar
Wed 9:00 Benefits of Permutation-Equivariance in Auction Mechanisms
Tian Qin · Fengxiang He · Dingfeng Shi · Wenbing Huang · Dacheng Tao
Thu 9:00 Pure Transformers are Powerful Graph Learners
Jinwoo Kim · Dat Nguyen · Seonwoo Min · Sungjun Cho · Moontae Lee · Honglak Lee · Seunghoon Hong
Tue 14:00 Graph Neural Networks with Adaptive Readouts
David Buterez · Jon Paul Janet · Steven J Kiddle · Dino Oglic · Pietro Liò
Thu 9:00 Bivariate Causal Discovery for Categorical Data via Classification with Optimal Label Permutation
Yang Ni
PELICAN: Permutation Equivariant and Lorentz Invariant or Covariant Aggregator Network for Particle Physics
Jan Offermann · Alexander Bogatskiy · Timothy Hoffman · David W Miller
Thu 14:00 Batch Bayesian Optimization on Permutations using the Acquisition Weighted Kernel
Changyong Oh · Roberto Bondesan · Efstratios Gavves · Max Welling
Wed 9:00 GraB: Finding Provably Better Data Permutations than Random Reshuffling
Yucheng Lu · Wentao Guo · Christopher De Sa