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Tue 9:00 Bayesian Optimistic Optimization: Optimistic Exploration for Model-based Reinforcement Learning
Chenyang Wu · Tianci Li · Zongzhang Zhang · Yang Yu
Thu 9:00 A Combinatorial Perspective on the Optimization of Shallow ReLU Networks
Michael S Matena · Colin Raffel
Thu 9:00 Recruitment Strategies That Take a Chance
Gregory Kehne · Ariel Procaccia · Jingyan Wang
Thu 9:00 Single Model Uncertainty Estimation via Stochastic Data Centering
Jayaraman Thiagarajan · Rushil Anirudh · Vivek Sivaraman Narayanaswamy · Timo Bremer
Wed 14:00 Maximizing Revenue under Market Shrinkage and Market Uncertainty
Maria-Florina Balcan · Siddharth Prasad · Tuomas Sandholm
Tiered Reinforcement Learning: Pessimism in the Face of Uncertainty and Constant Regret
Jiawei Huang · Li Zhao · Tao Qin · Wei Chen · Nan Jiang · Tie-Yan Liu