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Thu 14:00 Turbocharging Solution Concepts: Solving NEs, CEs and CCEs with Neural Equilibrium Solvers
Luke Marris · Ian Gemp · Thomas Anthony · Andrea Tacchetti · Siqi Liu · Karl Tuyls
Wed 9:00 Optimistic Mirror Descent Either Converges to Nash or to Strong Coarse Correlated Equilibria in Bimatrix Games
Ioannis Anagnostides · Gabriele Farina · Ioannis Panageas · Tuomas Sandholm
Thu 14:00 No-regret learning in games with noisy feedback: Faster rates and adaptivity via learning rate separation
Yu-Guan Hsieh · Kimon Antonakopoulos · Volkan Cevher · Panayotis Mertikopoulos
Tue 9:00 On the Global Convergence Rates of Decentralized Softmax Gradient Play in Markov Potential Games
Runyu Zhang · Jincheng Mei · Bo Dai · Dale Schuurmans · Na Li
Tue 9:00 Finite-Time Last-Iterate Convergence for Learning in Multi-Player Games
Yang Cai · Argyris Oikonomou · Weiqiang Zheng
Tue 14:00 Minimax-Optimal Multi-Agent RL in Markov Games With a Generative Model
Gen Li · Yuejie Chi · Yuting Wei · Yuxin Chen