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Thu 9:00 Learning General World Models in a Handful of Reward-Free Deployments
Yingchen Xu · Jack Parker-Holder · Aldo Pacchiano · Philip Ball · Oleh Rybkin · S Roberts · Tim Rockt√§schel · Edward Grefenstette
Wed 9:00 On the Statistical Efficiency of Reward-Free Exploration in Non-Linear RL
Jinglin Chen · Aditya Modi · Akshay Krishnamurthy · Nan Jiang · Alekh Agarwal
Fri 11:40 A High-Throughput Platform for Efficient Exploration of Polypeptides Chemical Space via Automation and Machine Learning
Guangqi Wu · Connor Coley · Hua Lu
Efficient Exploration using Model-Based Quality-Diversity with Gradients
Bryan Lim · Manon Flageat · Antoine Cully
Integrating Episodic and Global Bonuses for Efficient Exploration
Mikael Henaff · Minqi Jiang · Roberta Raileanu
Tue 9:00 Deciding What to Model: Value-Equivalent Sampling for Reinforcement Learning
Dilip Arumugam · Benjamin Van Roy