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Can you label less by using out-of-domain data? Active & Transfer Learning with Few-shot Instructions
Rafal Kocielnik · Sara Kangaslahti · Shrimai Prabhumoye · Meena Hari · Michael Alvarez · Anima Anandkumar
ZIN: When and How to Learn Invariance Without Environment Partition?
Yong Lin · Shengyu Zhu · Lu Tan · Peng Cui
Thu 4:50 Transfer Learning Award: Team SI Analytics - Domain Generalization Strategy to Train Classifiers Robust to Spatial-Temporal Shift
Yeji Choi
GenerSpeech: Towards Style Transfer for Generalizable Out-Of-Domain Text-to-Speech
Rongjie Huang · Yi Ren · Jinglin Liu · Chenye Cui · Zhou Zhao
Domain Generalization by Learning and Removing Domain-specific Features
Yu Ding · Lei Wang · Bin Liang · Shuming Liang · Yang Wang · Fang Chen
HyperDomainNet: Universal Domain Adaptation for Generative Adversarial Networks
Aibek Alanov · Vadim Titov · Dmitry Vetrov
Learning a Domain-Agnostic Policy through Adversarial Representation Matching for Cross-Domain Policy Transfer
Hayato Watahiki · Ryo Iwase · Ryosuke Unno · Yoshimasa Tsuruoka
Tue 9:00 Variational Model Perturbation for Source-Free Domain Adaptation
Mengmeng Jing · Xiantong Zhen · Jingjing Li · Cees Snoek
Thu 9:00 Learn what matters: cross-domain imitation learning with task-relevant embeddings
Tim Franzmeyer · Philip Torr · João Henriques
Wed 9:00 Beyond Separability: Analyzing the Linear Transferability of Contrastive Representations to Related Subpopulations
Jeff Z. HaoChen · Colin Wei · Ananya Kumar · Tengyu Ma
Thu 14:00 Zero-shot Transfer Learning within a Heterogeneous Graph via Knowledge Transfer Networks
Minji Yoon · John Palowitch · Dustin Zelle · Ziniu Hu · Ruslan Salakhutdinov · Bryan Perozzi
Pre-train, fine-tune, interpolate: a three-stage strategy for domain generalization
Alexandre Rame · Jianyu Zhang · Leon Bottou · David Lopez-Paz