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Tue 14:00 Deep Ensembles Work, But Are They Necessary?
Taiga Abe · Estefany Kelly Buchanan · Geoff Pleiss · Richard Zemel · John Cunningham
Tue 14:00 Evaluating Robustness to Dataset Shift via Parametric Robustness Sets
Nikolaj Thams · Michael Oberst · David Sontag
A Synthetic Limit Order Book Dataset for Benchmarking Forecasting Algorithms under Distributional Shift
Defu Cao · Yousef El-Laham · Loc Trinh · Svitlana Vyetrenko · Yan Liu
Thu 9:00 HAPI: A Large-scale Longitudinal Dataset of Commercial ML API Predictions
Lingjiao Chen · Zhihua Jin · Evan Sabri Eyuboglu · Christopher RĂ© · Matei Zaharia · James Zou
A Greek Parliament Proceedings Dataset for Computational Linguistics and Political Analysis
Konstantina Dritsa · Aikaterini Thoma · Ioannis Pavlopoulos · Panos Louridas
Tue 9:00 Quality Not Quantity: On the Interaction between Dataset Design and Robustness of CLIP
Thao Nguyen · Gabriel Ilharco · Mitchell Wortsman · Sewoong Oh · Ludwig Schmidt
Tue 9:00 Evaluating Latent Space Robustness and Uncertainty of EEG-ML Models under Realistic Distribution Shifts
Neeraj Wagh · Jionghao Wei · Samarth Rawal · Brent M Berry · Yogatheesan Varatharajah