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Wed 14:00 The Surprising Effectiveness of PPO in Cooperative Multi-Agent Games
Chao Yu · Akash Velu · Eugene Vinitsky · Jiaxuan Gao · Yu Wang · Alexandre Bayen · YI WU
Wed 14:00 MATE: Benchmarking Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in Distributed Target Coverage Control
Xuehai Pan · Mickel Liu · Fangwei Zhong · Yaodong Yang · Song-Chun Zhu · Yizhou Wang
Value-based CTDE Methods in Symmetric Two-team Markov Game: from Cooperation to Team Competition
Pascal Leroy · Jonathan Pisane · Damien Ernst
Thu 9:00 FR: Folded Rationalization with a Unified Encoder
Wei Liu · Haozhao Wang · Jun Wang · Ruixuan Li · Chao Yue · YuanKai Zhang
Thu 9:00 GStarX: Explaining Graph Neural Networks with Structure-Aware Cooperative Games
Shichang Zhang · Yozen Liu · Neil Shah · Yizhou Sun
Tue 14:00 Neural Payoff Machines: Predicting Fair and Stable Payoff Allocations Among Team Members
Daphne Cornelisse · Thomas Rood · Yoram Bachrach · Mateusz Malinowski · Tal Kachman
Wed 14:00 Learning in Congestion Games with Bandit Feedback
Qiwen Cui · Zhihan Xiong · Maryam Fazel · Simon Du
Thu 14:00 Bridging Central and Local Differential Privacy in Data Acquisition Mechanisms
Alireza Fallah · Ali Makhdoumi · azarakhsh malekian · Asuman Ozdaglar
Wed 9:00 Queue Up Your Regrets: Achieving the Dynamic Capacity Region of Multiplayer Bandits
Ilai Bistritz · Nicholas Bambos
Tue 14:00 Inverse Game Theory for Stackelberg Games: the Blessing of Bounded Rationality
Jibang Wu · Weiran Shen · Fei Fang · Haifeng Xu
Thu 14:00 When are Offline Two-Player Zero-Sum Markov Games Solvable?
Qiwen Cui · Simon Du
Thu 14:00 Recursive Reasoning in Minimax Games: A Level $k$ Gradient Play Method
Zichu Liu · Lacra Pavel