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Wed 16:30 Neural Regression, Representational Similarity, Model Zoology & Neural Taskonomy at Scale in Rodent Visual Cortex
Colin Conwell · David Mayo · Andrei Barbu · Michael Buice · George Alvarez · Boris Katz
Thu 8:30 Towards robust vision by multi-task learning on monkey visual cortex
Shahd Safarani · Arne Nix · Konstantin Willeke · Santiago Cadena · Kelli Restivo · George Denfield · Andreas Tolias · Fabian Sinz
Tue 8:30 Cortico-cerebellar networks as decoupling neural interfaces
Joseph Pemberton · Ellen Boven · Richard Apps · Rui Ponte Costa
Tue 8:30 Your head is there to move you around: Goal-driven models of the primate dorsal pathway
Patrick Mineault · Shahab Bakhtiari · Blake Richards · Christopher Pack
Fri 8:30 HNPE: Leveraging Global Parameters for Neural Posterior Estimation
Pedro Rodrigues · Thomas Moreau · Gilles Louppe · Alexandre Gramfort
Thu 0:30 Visual Search Asymmetry: Deep Nets and Humans Share Similar Inherent Biases
Shashi Kant Gupta · Mengmi Zhang · CHIA-CHIEN WU · Jeremy Wolfe · Gabriel Kreiman
Tue 8:30 Bias and variance of the Bayesian-mean decoder
Arthur Prat-Carrabin · Michael Woodford
Wed 16:30 Local plasticity rules can learn deep representations using self-supervised contrastive predictions
Bernd Illing · Jean Ventura · Guillaume Bellec · Wulfram Gerstner
Wed 0:30 Credit Assignment in Neural Networks through Deep Feedback Control
Alexander Meulemans · Matilde Tristany Farinha · Javier Garcia Ordonez · Pau Vilimelis Aceituno · João Sacramento · Benjamin F. Grewe
Tue 8:30 Can fMRI reveal the representation of syntactic structure in the brain?
Aniketh Janardhan Reddy · Leila Wehbe
Wed 0:30 AFEC: Active Forgetting of Negative Transfer in Continual Learning
Liyuan Wang · Mingtian Zhang · Zhongfan Jia · Qian Li · Chenglong Bao · Kaisheng Ma · Jun Zhu · Yi Zhong
Tue 8:30 Across-animal odor decoding by probabilistic manifold alignment
Pedro Herrero-Vidal · Dmitry Rinberg · Cristina Savin