NeurIPS 2019 Expo Panel

Nov. 28, 2022

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XPRIZE & AI for Good: Using AI in Incentivized Prizes to Solve Today's Challenges

Sponsor: XPRIZE Foundation

Devin Krotman (XPRIZE), Amir Banifatemi (XPRIZE), Sean McGregor (XPRIZE), Neama Dadkhanikoo (XPRIZE), Roopa Dandamudi (XPRIZE)

Neama Dadkhanikoo (XPRIZE)

XPRIZE runs large-scale incentive competitions to enable breakthroughs and accelerate the future. The initial Ansari XPRIZE helped launch today’s private space industry and over the last 20 years XPRIZE has run & awarded prizes in ocean mapping, education, and transforming carbon emissions. Since 2016 XPRIZE has operated the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE competition. This is a $5 million global competition challenging teams to apply AI (ML, DL, NLP, etc.) to different challenges facing humanity. Currently the competition fields 30+ teams from 10 different countries working on a wide-array of AI-based solutions attempting to solve issues in mental health, education, environment, etc.

XPRIZE's panel + talk will focus on a select few of the 10 semifinalists (no more than 3 + moderator) in the AI XPRIZE competition, who will be publicly announced and showcased during the week of NeurIPS. This will be the first opportunity to see who the semifinalists are and understand the groundbreaking work they are doing.

The purpose of the talk will center around AI for Good (including the future of it), the challenges around AI for Good (structured data), what it takes to operate a start-up in this new space, and the novel approaches of the companies in the AI XPRIZE. In short - this panel will help the audience understand how AI for Good solutions can move from theoretical to practical.

XPRIZE's talk/panel will also feature a preview of how XPRIZE plans to make AI the center of its future competitions, including those related to solving the challenges facing the Amazon, as well as combating wildfires.