NIPS 2018 Expo Workshop

Nov. 28, 2022

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Fairness and Explainability: From ideation to implementation

Sponsor: QuantumBlack


Proliferation of machine learning R&D has led to rapid induction in real time applications. However, there are still areas of research that are not used in the industry either due to lack of open source software or technical implementation clarity. This workshop aims to provide a brief overview of QuantumBlack’s process of implementing and testing these areas effectively on client projects. This workshop aims to dive deep into a practitioner's view.

The broad focus of the workshop is explainable AI and fairness. Our objective is to generate ideas, and discuss progress in these areas as they are increasingly important for industry applications. The workshop will be a knowledge sharing exercise between industry and academia. Recently, QuantumBlack hosted a panel on fairness at ICML with over 400 registrations, where we had three panellists sharing their experiences and future directions related to fairness. This F&E workshop would take it a step further and encourage more in-depth discussion on these topics and their applications.

We will begin with internal presentations that showcase R&D at QuantumBlack on fairness and explainability. We have speakers from industry and academia. The industry speakers will share their experiences on how they used, evaluated and modelled fairness/bias and when explain when important. Academics will shed light on future research questions. The aim is to initiate a conversation on importance and implication of fairness and transparency across different disciplines.

A more detailed format of the workshop is as follows:

  1. Opening talks from QuantumBlack (2 hourss)
    • Fairness and ethics: a practitioners view
      1. Metrics and methods
      2. Causality and counterfactuals
      3. Causal discrimination
    • Explainable AI: Industrial applications
  2. Talks from industry (40 mins) and academia (40 mins)
  3. Poster Presentations from students
  4. Closing remarks and discussions