NIPS 2018 Expo Workshop

Nov. 28, 2022

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Driving ML Adoption through Education in an Industry Setting

Sponsor: Amazon


At Amazon, we aim to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) to improve the customer experience at Earth’s scale. To do that, we must also accelerate the propagation of ML knowledge across many organizations and teams. Machine Learning University (MLU) is an education initiative to help Amazon tech employees gain machine learning skills. As ML becomes a core part of Amazon’s customer facing products and services, we can accelerate our pace of innovation through intentional, educative development opportunities like Machine Learning University.

In this workshop, we understand the ways in which Amazon is empowering developers with ML knowledge and tools to improve the customer experience for Earth's most customer centric company. The program’s curriculum balances emphasis on both theory and practice at a graduate level to enable tech employees to implement ML solutions across the business. Machine Learning University and the concept of a corporate, in-depth educational effort provides a unique opportunity to facilitate lifelong learning in ML. Each course is designed to be individually useful, but with enrollment in several courses enables students will develop a broad skill set in practical ML. We do believe that internal education programs like MLU have the opportunity to add another pathway for ML education broadly.