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Nov. 28, 2022

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Video Understanding in Youku

Sponsor: Alibaba Group

Xi Xu (Alibaba)

Xi Xu (Alibaba)


As one of the largest Chinese video website, Youku has more than 700 million videos and serves over 500 million users. Video comprehension plays an important role in Youku not only to facilitate video recommendation but also to serve the whole chain in the platform, including autonomous content examination, quality measurement, video synthesis, object polishing, scene understanding and data compression. Standing on the frontier of video technology, we are facing the hardest challenges in this field where we are eager to push the boundary of video comprehension.

Video recommendation

it is one of the core business of Youku. Among 700,000 new videos uploaded everyday, a fairly amount of them are not well-exposed resulting in the lack of information for the later recommendation. In the absence of video comprehension, recommendation for these videos can hardly be efficient.

Video search

Multimedia search, especially video search, has been a long-term challenge in both academic and industry. Currently, most so-called video search engines only retrieve videos with titles, which achieve only equivalent effect as ordinary text retrieval engine. In addition, users express their queries in a more descriptive way, such as using the descriptions of the images, terms in the dialogue and segments of videos etc.

Video quality measurement

The video is an important media spreading knowledge and providing entertainment and emotional comfort. Whereas incomplete tittles, abused scenes, blur images, unpleasant scenery and meaningless contents have been jeopardizing our watching experience.

Mobile video editing

User-generated content becomes a hit nowadays. People make short videos to share their daily lives with their friends and the community. However, creating attractive video content is remarkably difficult. Thus, it is valuable to provide video editing tools that make video embellishment easy.