NIPS 2018 Expo Demo

Nov. 28, 2022

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Using MATLAB with Keras and ONNX

Sponsor: MathWorks


Interoperability between frameworks allows deep learning researchers the freedom to explore multiple solutions. Explore how MATLAB can be used in conjunction with Keras and ONNX. Import and export deep learning models and see what MATLAB offers to enhance your current deep learning work. This demonstration will cover practical applications of deep learning for computer vision and signal processing using interactive apps, training with GPUs, and deploying to hardware:

  • Automate preprocessing and labeling of input data
  • Leverage a curated list of pretrained models
  • Graphically build and modify deep neural networks
  • Scale computations easily with GPUs, multi-GPUs, or on the cloud.
  • Import and export models using the ONNX model format for interoperability with other deep learning frameworks
  • Deploy deep learning models on multi-target platforms with best in class inference performance