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Multi-Agent Security: Security as Key to AI Safety
Christian Schroeder de Witt · Hawra Milani · Klaudia Krawiecka · Swapneel Mehta · Carla Cremer · Martin Strohmeier

Sat Dec 16 07:00 AM -- 03:30 PM (PST) @ Room 223
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This workshop proposal builds on the observation that the AI and cyber security communities are currently not sufficiently interconnected to navigate risks and opportunities in our multi-agent world. Through a series of discussions involving experts and audiences, provocation and intervention keynotes, and contributed content, we aim to compare, contrast, and synthesize near- and long-term perspectives of AI deployment across society. The fundamental goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers, practitioners, and activists across AI and cyber security in order to create a blueprint for the future of AI security in a multi-agent world, and to define, explore, and challenge the nascent field of multi-agent security (MASEC).

Submission deadline: September 25, 2023
Acceptance Notification: October 27, 2023
Workshop date: December 16, 2023

Author Information

Christian Schroeder de Witt (University of Oxford)

I am a 4th-year PhD student conducting fundamental algorithmic research in deep multi-agent reinforcement learning and climate change. My supervision is jointly between Prof. Shimon Whiteson (WhiRL - see my [profile](http://whirl.cs.ox.ac.uk/member/christian-schroeder-de-witt/)) and Prof. Philip Torr (Torr Vision Group).

Hawra Milani (Royal Holloway University of London)
Klaudia Krawiecka (Department of Computer Science)
Swapneel Mehta (Boston Univ. and MIT)

I am a postdoc at BU and MIT researching platform governance. My Ph.D. research dealt with limiting misinformation on social networks using tools from ML and Causal Inference. I run a research collective funded by Google and Mozilla, to train students from the global south to build tools that improve trust on the social web.

Carla Cremer (University of Oxford)
Martin Strohmeier (armasuisse Science & Technology)

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