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Interactive Language: Talking to Robots in Real Time
Corey Lynch · Pete Florence · Jonathan Tompson · Ayzaan Wahid · Tianli Ding · James Betker · Robert Baruch · Travis Armstrong

We present a framework for building interactive, real-time, natural language-instructable robots in the real world, and we open source related assets (dataset, environment, benchmark, and policies). Trained with behavioral cloning on a dataset of hundreds of thousands of language-annotated trajectories, a produced policy can proficiently execute an order of magnitude more commands than previous works: specifically we estimate a 93.5% success rate on a set of 87,000 unique natural language strings specifying raw end-to-end visuo-linguo-motor skills in the real world. We find that the same policy is capable of being guided by a human via real-time language to address a wide range of precise long-horizon rearrangement goals, e.g. "make a smiley face out of blocks". The dataset we release comprises nearly 600,000 language-labeled trajectories, an order of magnitude larger than prior available datasets. We hope the demonstrated results and associated assets enable further advancement of helpful, capable, natural-language-interactable robots. See videos at https://sites.google.com/view/interactive-language.

Author Information

Corey Lynch (Google Brain)
Pete Florence (Robotics at Google)
Jonathan Tompson (Google Brain)
Ayzaan Wahid (Google)
Tianli Ding (Google)
James Betker (Google)
Robert Baruch (Google)
Travis Armstrong (Google)

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