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4D Unsupervised Object Discovery
Yuqi Wang · Yuntao Chen · ZHAO-XIANG ZHANG

Thu Dec 08 05:00 PM -- 07:00 PM (PST) @

Object discovery is a core task in computer vision. While fast progresses have been made in supervised object detection, its unsupervised counterpart remains largely unexplored. With the growth of data volume, the expensive cost of annotations is the major limitation hindering further study. Therefore, discovering objects without annotations has great significance. However, this task seems impractical on still-image or point cloud alone due to the lack of discriminative information. Previous studies underlook the crucial temporal information and constraints naturally behind multi-modal inputs. In this paper, we propose 4D unsupervised object discovery, jointly discovering objects from 4D data -- 3D point clouds and 2D RGB images with temporal information. We present the first practical approach for this task by proposing a ClusterNet on 3D point clouds, which is jointly iteratively optimized with a 2D localization network. Extensive experiments on the large-scale Waymo Open Dataset suggest that the localization network and ClusterNet achieve competitive performance on both class-agnostic 2D object detection and 3D instance segmentation, bridging the gap between unsupervised methods and full supervised ones. Codes and models will be made available at https://github.com/Robertwyq/LSMOL.

Author Information

Yuqi Wang (Institute of automation, Chinese academy of science, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Yuntao Chen (Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, HKISI, CAS)
ZHAO-XIANG ZHANG (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

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