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Precise Augmentation and Counting of Helicobacter Pylori in Histology Image
Yufei CUI · Yixin Chen · Zhifeng Shuai · Fang Peng · Yanbo Lv · Luoning Zheng · Xue (Steve) Liu · Antoni Chan · Tei-Wei Kuo · Chun Jason XUE

We study the precise counting of Helicobacter Pylori (HP), which is important for diagnosis of gastric cancer. The crowd counting technique is adapted for a precise quantitative analysis. The challenge of training an HP counting model lies in scarcity of labels. We use a DCGAN for the generative modelling of HP morphology and perform high-fidelity data augmentation. The comparative results show our method outperforms the object detection and semantic segmentation baselines. The proposed framework is potential useful in quantitative analysis of other bacteria in histology images. The dataset is available at https://cyxhello.github.io/HPCDataset/.

Author Information

Yufei CUI
Yixin Chen (Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School)
Zhifeng Shuai (Zhejiang Hospital)
Fang Peng (Zhejiang Hospital)
Yanbo Lv (Zhejiang Hospital)
Luoning Zheng (Zhejiang Hospital)
Xue (Steve) Liu (McGill University)
Antoni Chan (City University of Hong Kong)
Tei-Wei Kuo (National Taiwan University)
Chun Jason XUE (City University of Hong Kong)

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