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Modelling non-reinforced preferences using selective attention
Noor Sajid · Panagiotis Tigas · Zafeirios Fountas · Qinghai Guo · Alexey Zakharov · Lancelot Da Costa

How can artificial agents learn non-reinforced preferences to continuously adapt their behaviour to a changing environment? We decompose this question into two challenges: (I) encoding diverse memories and (ii) selectively attending to these for preference formation. Our proposed non-reinforced preference learning mechanism using selective attention, Nore, addresses both by leveraging the agent’s world model to collect a diverse set of experiences which are interleaved with imagined roll-outs to encode memories. These memories are selectively attended to, using attention and gating blocks, to update agent’s preferences. We validate Nore in a modified OpenAI Gym FrozenLake environment (without any external signal) with and without volatility under a fixed model of the environment—and compare its behaviour to Pepper, a Hebbian preference learning mechanism. We demonstrate that Nore provides a straightforward framework to induce exploratory preferences in the absence of external signal.

Author Information

Noor Sajid (University College London)
Panagiotis Tigas (University of Oxford)
Zafeirios Fountas (Huawei technologies)
Qinghai Guo (Huawei Technologies)
Alexey Zakharov (Huawei Technologies)
Lancelot Da Costa (Imperial College London)

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