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PyHopper - A Plug-and-Play Hyperparameter Optimization Engine
Mathias Lechner · Ramin Hasani · Sophie Neubauer · Philipp Neubauer · Daniela Rus
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Hyperparameter tuning is a fundamental aspect of machine learning research. Setting up the infrastructure for systematic optimization of hyperparameters can take a significant amount of time.Here, we present PyHopper, an open-source black-box optimization platform designed to streamline the hyperparameter tuning workflow of machine learning research. PyHopper's goal is to integrate with existing code with minimal effort and run the optimization process with minimal necessary manual oversight. With simplicity as the primary theme, PyHopper is powered by a single robust Markov-chain Monte-Carlo optimization algorithm that scales to millions of dimensions. Compared to existing tuning packages, focusing on a single algorithm frees the user from having to decide between several algorithms and makes PyHopper easily customizable.PyHopper is publicly available under the Apache-2.0 license at (omitted for anonymity)

Author Information

Mathias Lechner (MIT)
Ramin Hasani (MIT | Vanguard)
Sophie Neubauer
Philipp Neubauer
Daniela Rus (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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