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Inception Transformer
Chenyang Si · Weihao Yu · Pan Zhou · Yichen Zhou · Xinchao Wang · Shuicheng Yan

Recent studies show that transformer has strong capability of building long-range dependencies, yet is incompetent in capturing high frequencies that predominantly convey local information. To tackle this issue, we present a novel and general-purpose $\textit{Inception Transformer}$, or $\textit{iFormer}$ for short, that effectively learns comprehensive features with both high- and low-frequency information in visual data. Specifically, we design an Inception mixer to explicitly graft the advantages of convolution and max-pooling for capturing the high-frequency information to transformers. Different from recent hybrid frameworks, the Inception mixer brings greater efficiency through a channel splitting mechanism to adopt parallel convolution/max-pooling path and self-attention path as high- and low-frequency mixers, while having the flexibility to model discriminative information scattered within a wide frequency range. Considering that bottom layers play more roles in capturing high-frequency details while top layers more in modeling low-frequency global information, we further introduce a frequency ramp structure, i.e., gradually decreasing the dimensions fed to the high-frequency mixer and increasing those to the low-frequency mixer, which can effectively trade-off high- and low-frequency components across different layers. We benchmark the iFormer on a series of vision tasks, and showcase that it achieves impressive performance on image classification, COCO detection and ADE20K segmentation. For example, our iFormer-S hits the top-1 accuracy of 83.4% on ImageNet-1K, much higher than DeiT-S by 3.6%, and even slightly better than much bigger model Swin-B (83.3%) with only 1/4 parameters and 1/3 FLOPs. Code and models are released at https://github.com/sail-sg/iFormer.

Author Information

Chenyang Si (Sea AI Lab)
Weihao Yu (National University of Singapore)
Pan Zhou (SEA AI Lab)

Currently, I am a senior Research Scientist in Sea AI Lab of Sea group. Before, I worked in Salesforce as a research scientist during 2019 to 2021. I completed my Ph.D. degree in 2019 at the National University of Singapore (NUS), fortunately advised by Prof. Jiashi Feng and Prof. Shuicheng Yan. Before studying in NUS, I graduated from Peking University (PKU) in 2016 and during this period, I was fortunately directed by Prof. Zhouchen Lin and Prof. Chao Zhang in ZERO Lab. During the research period, I also work closely with Prof. Xiaotong Yuan. I also spend several wonderful months in 2018 at Georgia Tech as visiting student hosted by Prof. Huan Xu.

Yichen Zhou (Sea Group)
Xinchao Wang
Shuicheng Yan (Sea AI Lab)

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