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Monocular Dynamic View Synthesis: A Reality Check
Hang Gao · Ruilong Li · Shubham Tulsiani · Bryan Russell · Angjoo Kanazawa

Wed Nov 30 09:00 AM -- 11:00 AM (PST) @ Hall J #913

We study the recent progress on dynamic view synthesis (DVS) from monocular video. Though existing approaches have demonstrated impressive results, we show a discrepancy between the practical capture process and the existing experimental protocols, which effectively leaks in multi-view signals during training. We define effective multi-view factors (EMFs) to quantify the amount of multi-view signal present in the input capture sequence based on the relative camera-scene motion. We introduce two new metrics: co-visibility masked image metrics and correspondence accuracy, which overcome the issue in existing protocols. We also propose a new iPhone dataset that includes more diverse real-life deformation sequences. Using our proposed experimental protocol, we show that the state-of-the-art approaches observe a 1-2 dB drop in masked PSNR in the absence of multi-view cues and 4-5 dB drop when modeling complex motion. Code and data can be found at http://hangg7.com/dycheck.

Author Information

Hang Gao (University of California Berkeley)
Ruilong Li (University of California, Berkeley)
Shubham Tulsiani (Carnegie Mellon University)
Bryan Russell (Adobe)
Angjoo Kanazawa (University of California, Berkeley)

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