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Scalable Representation Learning in Linear Contextual Bandits with Constant Regret Guarantees
Andrea Tirinzoni · Matteo Papini · Ahmed Touati · Alessandro Lazaric · Matteo Pirotta

Tue Nov 29 09:00 AM -- 11:00 AM (PST) @ Hall J #712

We study the problem of representation learning in stochastic contextual linear bandits. While the primary concern in this domain is usually to find \textit{realizable} representations (i.e., those that allow predicting the reward function at any context-action pair exactly), it has been recently shown that representations with certain spectral properties (called \textit{HLS}) may be more effective for the exploration-exploitation task, enabling \textit{LinUCB} to achieve constant (i.e., horizon-independent) regret. In this paper, we propose \textsc{BanditSRL}, a representation learning algorithm that combines a novel constrained optimization problem to learn a realizable representation with good spectral properties with a generalized likelihood ratio test to exploit the recovered representation and avoid excessive exploration. We prove that \textsc{BanditSRL} can be paired with any no-regret algorithm and achieve constant regret whenever an \textit{HLS} representation is available. Furthermore, \textsc{BanditSRL} can be easily combined with deep neural networks and we show how regularizing towards \textit{HLS} representations is beneficial in standard benchmarks.

Author Information

Andrea Tirinzoni (Meta AI)
Matteo Papini (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Ahmed Touati (Facebook)
Alessandro Lazaric (Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research)
Matteo Pirotta (META)

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