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Regret Bounds for Risk-Sensitive Reinforcement Learning
Osbert Bastani · Jason Yecheng Ma · Estelle Shen · Wanqiao Xu

Wed Nov 30 02:00 PM -- 04:00 PM (PST) @ Hall J #720

In safety-critical applications of reinforcement learning such as healthcare and robotics, it is often desirable to optimize risk-sensitive objectives that account for tail outcomes rather than expected reward. We prove the first regret bounds for reinforcement learning under a general class of risk-sensitive objectives including the popular CVaR objective. Our theory is based on a novel characterization of the CVaR objective as well as a novel optimistic MDP construction.

Author Information

Osbert Bastani (University of Pennsylvania)
Jason Yecheng Ma (University of Pennsylvania)
Estelle Shen (University of Pennsylvania)
Wanqiao Xu (Stanford University)

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