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Human Evaluation of Generative Models
Divyansh Kaushik · Jennifer Hsia · Jessica Huynh · Yonadav Shavit · Samuel Bowman · Ting-Hao Huang · Douwe Kiela · Zachary Lipton · Eric Michael Smith

Sat Dec 03 07:30 AM -- 02:15 PM (PST) @ Room 290
Event URL: https://humaneval-workshop.github.io/ »

Author Information

Divyansh Kaushik (Carnegie Mellon University)
Jennifer Hsia (Carnegie Mellon University)
Jessica Huynh (CMU, Carnegie Mellon University)
Yonadav Shavit (Harvard University)
Samuel Bowman (NYU + Anthropic)
Ting-Hao Huang (Pennsylvania State University)
Douwe Kiela (Hugging Face)
Zachary Lipton (Carnegie Mellon University)
Eric Michael Smith (Meta AI)

Eric is a research engineer at Meta AI, focusing on algorithmic bias in language models and chatbot evaluation. Prior to Meta AI, Eric was a machine learning engineer at Blue Apron, creating and maintaining demand forecast models. Eric was a fellow of Insight Data Science and holds a doctorate in physics from Princeton University for biophysics research in precision measurements of gene expression in the fruit fly embryo.

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