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Continual with Sujeeth Bharadwaj, Gabriel Silva, Eric Traut, Jane Wang
Sujeeth Bharadwaj · Jane Wang · Weiwei Yang
Event URL: https://docs.neurodata.io/ood-workshop/panels?p=Continual »

Panelists: Jane Wang, Eric Traut, Gabriel Silva, Sujeeth Bharadwaj

Moderator: Weiwei Yang


  • How would you define continual learning?
  • What are the most important mechanisms that allow a system (biological, artificial or hybrid) to learn continuously?
  • What is the future of AI?

Author Information

Sujeeth Bharadwaj (Microsoft)
Jane Wang (DeepMind)

Jane Wang is a research scientist at DeepMind on the neuroscience team, working on meta-reinforcement learning and neuroscience-inspired artificial agents. Her background is in physics, complex systems, and computational and cognitive neuroscience.

Weiwei Yang (Microsoft Research Redmond)

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