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Maximum Entropy Population Based Training for Zero-Shot Human-AI Coordination
Rui Zhao · Jinming Song · Hu Haifeng · Yang Gao · Yi Wu · Zhongqian Sun · Wei Yang
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An AI agent should be able to coordinate with humans to solve tasks. We consider the problem of training a Reinforcement Learning (RL) agent without using any human data, i.e., in a zero-shot setting, to make it capable of collaborating with humans. Standard RL agents learn through self-play. Unfortunately, these agents only know how to collaborate with themselves and normally do not perform well with unseen partners, such as humans. The methodology of how to train a robust agent in a zero-shot fashion is still subject to research. Motivated from the maximum entropy RL, we derive a centralized population entropy objective to facilitate learning of a diverse population of agents, which is later used to train a robust agent to collaborate with unseen partners. The proposed method shows its effectiveness compared to baseline methods, including self-play PPO, the standard Population-Based Training (PBT), and trajectory diversity-based PBT, in the popular Overcooked game environment. We also conduct online experiments with real humans and further demonstrate the efficacy of the method in the real world. A supplementary video showing experimental results is available at https://youtu.be/Xh-FKD0AAKE.

Author Information

Rui Zhao (Tencent)
Jinming Song
Hu Haifeng (Tencent AI Platform)
Yang Gao (Tsinghua University)
Yi Wu (OpenAI)
Zhongqian Sun
Wei Yang (Tencent AI Lab)

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