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Hamiltonian prior to Disentangle Content and Motion in Image Sequences
Asif Khan · Amos Storkey

We present a deep latent variable model for high dimensional sequential data. Our model factorises the latent space into content and motion variables. To model the diverse dynamics, we split the motion space into subspaces, and introduce a unique Hamiltonian operator for each subspace. The Hamiltonian formulation provides reversible dynamics that learn to constrain the motion path to conserve invariant properties. The explicit split of the motion space decomposes the Hamiltonian into symmetry groups and gives long-term separability of the dynamics. This split also means representations can be learnt that are easy to interpret and control. We demonstrate the utility of our model for swapping the motion of two videos, generating sequences of various actions from a given image and unconditional sequence generation.

Author Information

Asif Khan (University of Edinburgh)
Amos Storkey (University of Edinburgh)

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