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Neural NID Rules
Luca Viano · Johanni Brea

Tue Dec 14 11:16 AM -- 11:18 AM (PST) @

Abstract object properties and their relations are deeply rooted in human common sense, allowing people to predict the dynamics of the world even in situations that are novel but governed by familiar laws of physics. Standard machine learning models in model-based reinforcement learning are inadequate to generalize in this way. Inspired by the classic framework of noisy indeterministic deictic (NID) rules, we introduce here Neural NID, a method that learns abstract object properties and relations between objects with a suitably regularized graph neural network. We validate the greater generalization capability of Neural NID on simple benchmarks specifically designed to assess the transition dynamics learned by the model.

Author Information

Luca Viano (EPFL)
Johanni Brea (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne)

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