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Poster Session 1
Jiaqi Chen · Tanglin Xia · Sean Welleck · Jiacheng Liu · Ran Gong · Shifeng Huang · Wei Yu · Tracy Jia Shen
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Please join us in GatherTown for our poster session. The posters are as follows:

33833 Geometric Question Answering Towards Multimodal Numerical Reasoning

33832 Towards Diagram Understanding and Cognitive Reasoning in Icon Question Answering

33830 Towards Grounded Natural Language Proof Generation

33828 Theorem-Aware Geometry Problem Solving with Symbolic Reasoning and Theorem Prediction

33827 REAL2: An end-to-end memory-augmented solver for math word problems

33826 GeoRE: A Relation Extraction Dataset for Chinese Geometry Problems

33823 MathBERT: A Pre-trained Language Model for General NLP Tasks in Mathematics Education

Author Information

Tanglin Xia (UCLA)
Sean Welleck (University of Washington)
Jiacheng Liu (Department of Computer Science, University of Washington)
Ran Gong (University of California, Los Angeles)
Shifeng Huang (CVTE Research)
Wei Yu (National University of Defense Technology)
Tracy Jia Shen (The Pennsylvania State University)

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