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Interactive Exploration for 60 Years of AI Research
Hendrik Strobelt · Benjamin Hoover

Tue Dec 07 08:35 AM -- 08:50 AM (PST) @
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Research in artificial intelligence has been around for over six decades, and interest in the field is still rapidly growing. A diversification of interests has birthed many sub-fields within AI, making it harder for novices and senior researchers alike to orient themselves and their work within the historical context of ML research. We created an interactive demo to investigate an opinionated selection of papers from the last 60 years. The demo not only reflects on the past, but it also allows users to position abstracts of their own novel ideas into the research landscape carved by the last 60 years of AI publications.

Author Information

Hendrik Strobelt (IBM Research)
Benjamin Hoover (IBM Research; GA Tech)

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