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A novel notion of barycenter for probability distributions based on optimal weak mass transport
Elsa Cazelles · Felipe Tobar · Joaquin Fontbona

Tue Dec 07 08:30 AM -- 10:00 AM (PST) @ Virtual

We introduce weak barycenters of a family of probability distributions, based on the recently developed notion of optimal weak transport of mass by Gozlan et al. (2017) and Backhoff-Veraguas et al. (2020). We provide a theoretical analysis of this object and discuss its interpretation in the light of convex ordering between probability measures. In particular, we show that, rather than averaging the input distributions in a geometric way (as the Wasserstein barycenter based on classic optimal transport does) weak barycenters extract common geometric information shared by all the input distributions, encoded as a latent random variable that underlies all of them. We also provide an iterative algorithm to compute a weak barycenter for a finite family of input distributions, and a stochastic algorithm that computes them for arbitrary populations of laws. The latter approach is particularly well suited for the streaming setting, i.e., when distributions are observed sequentially. The notion of weak barycenter and our approaches to compute it are illustrated on synthetic examples, validated on 2D real-world data and compared to standard Wasserstein barycenters.

Author Information

Elsa Cazelles (IRIT, CNRS, Université de Toulouse)
Felipe Tobar (Universidad de Chile)

Felipe Tobar is an Assistant Professor at the Data & AI Initiative at Universidad de Chile. He holds Researcher positions at the Center for Mathematical Modeling and the Advanced Center for Electrical Engineering. Felipe received the BSc/MSc degrees in Electrical Engineering (U. de Chile, 2010) and a PhD in Signal Processing (Imperial College London, 2014), and he was an Associate Researcher in Machine Learning at the University of Cambridge (2014-2015). Felipe teaches Statistics and Machine Learning courses at undergraduate, graduate and professional levels. His research interests lie in the interface between Machine Learning and Statistical Signal Processing, including Gaussian processes, spectral estimation, approximate inference, Bayesian nonparametrics, and optimal transport.

Joaquin Fontbona (University of Chile)

Joaquin Fontbona Torres • Born: 4 October 1974 at Santiago de Chile. * Chilean. • Since 2011: Associated Professor, Department of Mathematical Engineering and Center for Mathematical Modeling CMM, UMI- 2807 UChile-CNRS. University of Chile. - 2003-2011: Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Engineering, University of Chile. I. EDUCATION: • Graduate Studies: Ph.D. in Mathematics, Universit ́e de Paris 6, 1999-2004. • Undergraduate studies: Mathematical Engineering. Universidad de Chile, 1993-1999. II. RESEARCH: • Research interests: Probability theory, stochastic processes, stochastic modeling with applications in physics, finance, biology, risk modeling, signal processing, mining. • Publications: 1. “Dynamics of a planar Coulomb gas” with F. Bolley and D.Chafai. arxiv.org/abs/1706.08776. Submitted. 2. “Skeletal stochastic differential equations for continuous-state branching process”, with D. Fekete and A. E. Kyprianou. arxiv.org/abs/1702.03533. Submitted 3. “Ray-Knight representation of flows of branching processes with competition by prun- ing of L ́evy trees” with J.Berestycki and M.C. Fittipaldi. arXiv:1506.00046 . In revision for Probability Theory and Related Fields. 4. “Quantitative uniform propagation of chaos for Maxwell molecules”, with R.Cortez. arXiv:1512.09308. Accepted with minor corrections in Communications in Mathe- matical Physics. 5. “Spectro-temporal Power Signature Estimation on Seismic-Coda Data”, (2nd author) with G.Soto (first author), and S.Gaete. Accepted in 9th International Symposioum on Rockburst and Seismicity in Mining RASIM, Santiago, Nov. 2017. 6. “A Seismic Data-driven Methodology to Assess the Probability of Softening and Hard- ening Regimes”, (2nd author) with G.Soto (first author), S.Gaete , J.Prado and R.Dunlop. Accepted in 9th International Symposioum on Rockburst and Seismicity in Mining RASIM, Santiago, Nov. 2017. 7. “A non disruptive reliability approach to assess the health of micro-seismic sensing networks”, with D. Neira, G. Soto, J. Prado and S. Gaete. To appear in Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 8. “A variational approach to some transport inequalities” with N.Gozlan and J.-F. Jabir. To appear in Annals de l’ Institut Henry Poincar ́e Probab. Stat.. 9. “Quantitative exponential bounds for the renewal theorem with spread-out distributions”, with J.B. Bardet and A.Christen. Markov Process. Relat. Fields 23 (2017), 67–86. 10. “Rate of convergence to equilibrium of fractional driven stochastic differential equa- tions with some multiplicative noise” with F.Panloup. Annals de l’ Institut Henry Poincar ́e Probab. Stat.. 53 (2017), no. 2, 505 – 538 11. “Robust utility maximization without model compactness ”, with J.Backhoff. SIAM J. 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