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Direct Multi-view Multi-person 3D Pose Estimation
tao wang · Jianfeng Zhang · Yujun Cai · Shuicheng Yan · Jiashi Feng

Tue Dec 07 04:30 PM -- 06:00 PM (PST) @

We present Multi-view Pose transformer (MvP) for estimating multi-person 3D poses from multi-view images. Instead of estimating 3D joint locations from costly volumetric representation or reconstructing the per-person 3D pose from multiple detected 2D poses as in previous methods, MvP directly regresses the multi-person 3D poses in a clean and efficient way, without relying on intermediate tasks. Specifically, MvP represents skeleton joints as learnable query embeddings and let them progressively attend to and reason over the multi-view information from the input images to directly regress the actual 3D joint locations. To improve the accuracy of such a simple pipeline, MvP presents a hierarchical scheme to concisely represent query embeddings of multi-person skeleton joints and introduces an input-dependent query adaptation approach. Further, MvP designs a novel geometrically guided attention mechanism, called projective attention, to more precisely fuse the cross-view information for each joint. MvP also introduces a RayConv operation to integrate the view-dependent camera geometry into the feature representations for augmenting the projective attention. We show experimentally that our MvP model outperforms the state-of-the-art methods on several benchmarks while being much more efficient. Notably, it achieves 92.3% AP25 on the challenging Panoptic dataset, improving upon the previous best approach [35] by 9.8%. MvP is general and also extendable to recovering human mesh represented by the SMPL model, thus useful for modeling multi-person body shapes. Code and models are available at https://github.com/sail-sg/mvp.

Author Information

tao wang (national university of singapore)
Jianfeng Zhang (NUS)
Yujun Cai (Nanyang Technological University)
Shuicheng Yan (National University of Singapore)
Jiashi Feng (UC Berkeley)

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