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Differentially Private Stochastic Optimization: New Results in Convex and Non-Convex Settings
Raef Bassily · Cristóbal Guzmán · Michael Menart

Thu Dec 09 08:30 AM -- 10:00 AM (PST) @
We study differentially private stochastic optimization in convex and non-convex settings. For the convex case, we focus on the family of non-smooth generalized linear losses (GLLs). Our algorithm for the $\ell_2$ setting achieves optimal excess population risk in near-linear time, while the best known differentially private algorithms for general convex losses run in super-linear time. Our algorithm for the $\ell_1$ setting has nearly-optimal excess population risk $\tilde{O}\big(\sqrt{\frac{\log{d}}{n}}\big)$, and circumvents the dimension dependent lower bound of \cite{Asi:2021} for general non-smooth convex losses. In the differentially private non-convex setting, we provide several new algorithms for approximating stationary points of the population risk. For the $\ell_1$-case with smooth losses and polyhedral constraint, we provide the first nearly dimension independent rate, $\tilde O\big(\frac{\log^{2/3}{d}}{{n^{1/3}}}\big)$ in linear time. For the constrained $\ell_2$-case, with smooth losses, we obtain a linear-time algorithm with rate $\tilde O\big(\frac{1}{n^{3/10}d^{1/10}}+\big(\frac{d}{n^2}\big)^{1/5}\big)$. Finally, for the $\ell_2$-case we provide the first method for {\em non-smooth weakly convex} stochastic optimization with rate $\tilde O\big(\frac{1}{n^{1/4}}+\big(\frac{d}{n^2}\big)^{1/6}\big)$ which matches the best existing non-private algorithm when $d= O(\sqrt{n})$. We also extend all our results above for the non-convex $\ell_2$ setting to the $\ell_p$ setting, where $1 < p \leq 2$, with only polylogarithmic (in the dimension) overhead in the rates.

Author Information

Raef Bassily (The Ohio State University)
Cristóbal Guzmán (U of Twente)
Michael Menart (Ohio State University)

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