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SADGA: Structure-Aware Dual Graph Aggregation Network for Text-to-SQL
Ruichu Cai · Jinjie Yuan · Boyan Xu · Zhifeng Hao

Wed Dec 08 04:30 PM -- 06:00 PM (PST) @ Virtual #None

The Text-to-SQL task, aiming to translate the natural language of the questions into SQL queries, has drawn much attention recently. One of the most challenging problems of Text-to-SQL is how to generalize the trained model to the unseen database schemas, also known as the cross-domain Text-to-SQL task. The key lies in the generalizability of (i) the encoding method to model the question and the database schema and (ii) the question-schema linking method to learn the mapping between words in the question and tables/columns in the database schema. Focusing on the above two key issues, we propose a \emph{Structure-Aware Dual Graph Aggregation Network} (SADGA) for cross-domain Text-to-SQL. In SADGA, we adopt the graph structure to provide a unified encoding model for both the natural language question and database schema. Based on the proposed unified modeling, we further devise a structure-aware aggregation method to learn the mapping between the question-graph and schema-graph. The structure-aware aggregation method is featured with \emph{Global Graph Linking}, \emph{Local Graph Linking} and \emph{Dual-Graph Aggregation Mechanism}. We not only study the performance of our proposal empirically but also achieved 3rd place on the challenging Text-to-SQL benchmark Spider at the time of writing.

Author Information

Ruichu Cai (Guangdong University of Technology)
Jinjie Yuan (Guangdong University of Technology)
Boyan Xu (Guangdong University of Technology)
Zhifeng Hao (Foshan University)

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